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Psycho Circus Billboard Chart News

Psycho Circus dropped from #94 to #119 on the Billboard charts for the week ending 11/15/98. Total sales of the album this week were 14,410 units with a total amount of 270,703 units.

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Peter On Cover Of Modern Drummer Magazine

Peter Criss will be on the cover of next month's Modern Drummer Magazine. It should hit the news stands in late December, subscriber's will recieve it in early December. The feature is called KISS...& Tell, and should be a great issue. This is Peter's first appearance on the cover of Modern Drummer in make-up, his last cover appearance was in 1980 when he left Kiss.

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KISS Still Puts On Crowd-Pleasing Show

By Jim Sullivan, Globe Staff, 11/13/98
What did you do this summer when you went to see things blow up and go boom in ''Armageddon?'' You suspended your disbelief - a little more than usual considering the illogical plot but, hey, it was a popcorn movie, right? What do you do when you go see KISS? I think you - and KISS - know the answer to that one. And you may shout it out loud if you want. You want to forget your lot in life and enjoy this KISS life. You want to scream along to Godzilla bass lines, air-raid guitar licks, and July Fourth indoor fireworks. You want to be part of the endless party. You want to see - feel - fire in a crowded theater. KISS has always been a spectacular escape valve for mainstream rock fans who like it hard and melodic. It worked like this for KISS in the mid-to-late 1970s, the heyday. It works today because today looks and sounds a whole lot like the heyday. They lost two founding band members (drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley) and the makeup in the 1980s. The music took a dive as well, and KISS fell from the grace of the rock gods. Singer-guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist-singer Gene Simmons got the once-substance-abusing-but-now-clean original guys back in 1996 and put the kabuki/horror make-up back on for a ''last'' tour ... that, lo and behold, began anew at the FleetCenter last night and continues tonight. Last night was sold out; a handful of tickets remains for tonight. Top seats are only $55, just 10 percent more than two years ago. Red Sox tickets went up over 30 percent over a comparable time, and KISS's players are both in shape and intact. This tour is called ''Psycho Circus'' and the only hitch is that the explosively inclined circus troupe that was to open the show couldn't fit all its gear into the Fleet and was scrapped. (They may rejoin the tour if the logistics can be figured out.) As for KISS, well, there were plenty of loud noises, fireworks, and blinding lights, Criss's elevating drum riser (for a drum solo on a higher plane?), a fly-to-the-rafters Peter Pan-like by the blood-vomiting bat-lizard Simmons during ''God of Thunder,'' and a standup trapeze glide to the small soundboard stage during ''Love Gun'' for Stanley. Frehley's guitar ''smoked,'' ''shot'' sparks, and flew out of his hands into the sky - his playing was that hot! - and dangled in front of our eyes. This is because we had our special 3-D glasses, which lent the effect of the guitar floating just over us. Other things did this too: a skull, a KISS cube, Simmons's face and ever-flicking froglike tongue.
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Contributed By: Boston Globe via Mike Hogan and Steve Araki

KISS Weekend: Did You Miss It?

This was quite a weekend for KISS. KISS was on FOX's Millennium TV show Friday night, MAD TV Saturday night as well as the KISS LIVE: Ultimate Halloween party Saturday at midnight. Did you miss it? If so here are some GREAT screen captures from those programs. If you did get a chance to see hte programs then re-live it again with these great photos!

  • Millennium Screen Captures
  • MAD TV Screen Captures
  • KISS Live: Dodger Stadium Screen Captures

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    "Psycho Circus" Goes GOLD!

    According to the R.I.A.A. certifications link on, "Psycho Circus" was certified GOLD on 10/22/98, only one month after release. Now.....will MTV stick to their word and play the Psycho Circus Video?!

    Contributed By: Bob Rodrick

    Report: KISS on MAD TV

    Los Angeles, CA--- We just returned from KISS's guest appearance on FOX 11's "MAD TV" tapings (to be shown October 31st on FOX). We decided to show our deep and abiding adoration for our heroes, by wearing full Gene & Paul make-up. Having attended many other Kiss events in Los Angeles, we were looking forward to the usual legions of fellow KISS fanatics. We were quite perplexed when we found that the audience was virtually devoid of other KISS fans! instead of the comraderie and passion demonstrated by KISS enthusiasts, we faced the condescending apathy of a large group of urban Los Angeles high school students. Clearly, they did not expect or appreciate the show's guests of honor. Despite the nonplussed adolscents, the band recieved much deserved adulation from the handful of devotees present. dressed in full, sparkling regalia, they were featured in several comedy sketches. We feel privledged to have been included in this remarkable event. The magnitude of their mystique hasn't diminished at all...we are still every bit as awestruck as we were in 1976! Our only regret is that somehow, this appearance was not more widely publicized. Had it been,the KISS ARMY surely would have turned out in full force, as tickets were free and easily obtained. KISS was there in in full splendor, and deserved the boundless devotion only true fans can give. We love you, Gene, Paul, Ace & Peter..! KISS FOREVER...shandy & scarlett

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    Psycho Circus Tour Dates!
    (Here are some of the early Psycho Circus Tour Dates)

  • November 16, Boston MA -- Fleet Center
  • November 22, Meadowlands, NJ -- Continental Airlines Arena
  • November 23, New York, NY -- Madison Square Garden
  • November 27, Nassau NY -- Nassau Coliseum
    Tickets all go on sale Saturday October 24th through Ticketmaster.

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    KOMP Gives In To The Las Vegas KISS Army
    (Follow up to bottom story)

    Just to let you all know, KOMP (Las Vegas Radio Station) gave in to our request to have a KISS weekend about 4 hours after our attack started. We originaly planned to have a tank from the National Guard, however, after doing a recon mission on the station, the Guard said their tank (45 tons plus) would crush the gas lines than ran under the street. We went to "Plan B" & got one of the Guard's HUM-V's to block KOMP's drive way so that no one could get in or out ofthe station! Needless to say, KOMP was VERY surprized, and VERY upset at us for doing this! We are lucky none of us got arrested! As luck would have it, KISS tribute band "Black Diamond" was playing at a local night club (Pink E's) on Saturday night. This made for the perfect KISS weekend! The Las Vegas KISS Army celebrated thier victory at the "Black Diamond" show, and was complimented by the band for what we pulled-off. KOMP radio agreed to giving away a trip to the Halloween Show at Dodger Stadium, & the Las Vegas KISS Army agreed to unblock KOMP's parking lot & supply KISS prizes for trip qualifiers in exchange for the KISS weekend. It was also agreed that KOMP would play more KISS in their regular broadcast day. I would like to thank all of the KISS Army that showed up for this. Wthout you, we couldn't have done this.

    Contributed By: Warren Ross

    KISS: They're Baaaack!

    By Mark Nollinger
    Riding a wave of renewed popularity, Kiss invades TV on-appropriately-Halloween weekend It's midday on an autumn afternoon, but inside a Hollywood photo studio it looks like 1978 all over again. The four members of Kiss are in vintage form, vamping for the camera in their trademark Kabuki-style makeup, studded black tights and thigh-high boots with those killer 8-inch heels. When bassist Gene Simmons spreads his rubber bat wings and wags that infamous tongue, the time warp is almost complete; all that's missing is a bucket of fake blood and an explosion or two. Those will have to wait until October 31, when Kiss kicks off its 1998 world tour with a Halloween show at L.A.'s Dodger Stadium, the first half hour of which will be broadcast live at midnight ET on Fox. "We're throwing down the gauntlet yet again to show every new band out there how the big boys do it," declares Simmons, 49. "For the first time in history, Kiss in 3-D!" The veteran shock rockers may be pushing 50 and beyond-drummer Peter Criss is 52-but their critics-be-damned bravado clearly remains intact. While the jury's still out on whether watching Kiss through those little cardboard 3-D glasses is really such a hot idea, the fact remains that the band is a huge draw. And Fox is clearly hoping that translates to TV. For openers, Kiss is starring-both as a group and as individual actors-in the October 30 episode of Millennium. And on Halloween, the band is hosting Mad TV before diving into the live concert. "It's basically Kiss Night on Fox," singer-guitarist Paul Stanley, 46, says. "It shows either their tremendous taste-or lack of it. Either way, we support it." Adds Simmons: "We will decimate the competition."

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    Universal Studios KISS Halloween Haunted Maze

    At Universal Studios Hollywood they will be featuring a Tribute to KISS walkthrough (Haunted Maze) starting 10/16. For more info click here

    Contributed By: Steve and Holly Harwell

    KISS Army Invades Las Vegas' KOMP

    Friday, October 9th, 1998
    This morning at about 8:00 AM, one of the most outrageous happenings in Las Vegas ROCK & ROLL history took place. Starting with approximately 15 people, and growing into a mob that went as far as using members of the national guard to its cause, the KISS Army attacked and took over Las Vegas's only rock and roll radio station, 92.3 KOMP. As great fans of KISS and faithful KOMP listeners sat and listened, the parking lot of the radio station was blocked, keeping anyone from coming and going. With all seriousness, KISS Army stated that either KOMP do things the way KISS Army wished (they wanted KOMP to play KISS as regularly as they do all other bands), or suffer a hostile takeover of the radio station. Needless to say, KISS Army was quite victorious, gaining not only regular airplay for KISS, but also a KISS Weekend in Las Vegas. Personally, I would like to send out a strong salute to all those that participated in this event. To all the others that were not there, you truly missed out on a great happening towards KISS Army. -- Written by Travis Martin of Las Vegas, NV.

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