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Ace Reports "Farewell Tour" During Radio Appearance

I am sad to say I have the biggest and most depressing news to report. I am listening to Ace Frehley on WNEW 102.7 New York and he has said that there will NOT be another KISS record with the original four members and that this is without a doubt the FINAL KISS tour with makeup and original members. The "Farewell Tour" will begin in late September as stated by Ace himself. He also added that he is currently recording music with Anton Fig. I also sensed that Ace has some animosity towards Gene and Paul for the direction they have taken KISS. The final KISS concert will be on New Year's Eve 1999. I am sad to report this news, but all good things do come to an end.

Contributed By: Tony

I listened to WNEW 102.7 New York from about 10:30 to 12:30. In response to several questions on the subject, Ace said that the "Farewell Tour" would start in September and finish "Y2K." When people asked if there would be a new KISS album he said that he didn't see that happening. He said he was unhappy with how little creative control he had on the last album. He claimed to have brought in 6 songs for Psycho Circus and had to fight to get just one on the album. He also said that the original song had completely different lyrics, but that Gene made him change the words to fit the album. He said he had already been recording new material on his own and was talking to 4 record companies about a deal after KISS completed the "Farewell Tour" activities.

Contributed By: Ken

"Detroit Rock City" Soundtrack Mention in EW

KISS-UPS: You might assume that the soundtrack to "Detroit Rock City," the upcoming summer flick about four kids trying to get into a sold-out 1978 KISS concert, would be full of KISS tunes. While there will be one new song (the Diane Warren-penned "Nothing Can Keep Me From You") and three oldies from KISS, the CD will also include '90s artists remaking '70s hits. Confirmed tracks for the album, scheduled for a July 27 release, include Marilyn Manson covering AC/DC ("Highway to Hell"); Pantera, Ted Nugent ("Cat Scratch Fever"); Everclear, Thin Lizzy ("The Boys Are Back In Town"); Drain sth, T. Rex ("20th Century Boy"). KISS member (and "Detroit Rock City" coproducer) Gene Simmons, the formost proponent of what he calls "KISS-tianity," thinks the soundtrack might as well be a KISS album: "It looks like a hit. It's our 33rd or 34th album, something like that....Do we still have the cover [of EW] when the movie comes out?"

Contributed By: Entertainment Weekly

"Detroit Rock City" Movie Trailer / Austin Powers

Just returned from an advance screening of Austion Powers (which is pretty funny if you go into it with an open mind), and as promised, the 'Detroit Rock City' trailer made its' debut. Very cool trailer with a LOT of KISS references. Looked really funny. One major disappointment about the trailer, though. No shots of the actual band or the live footage shot in Hamilton. Guess we'll have to wait till the movie is released to see how it turned out on film.

Contributed By: James Dunn

KISS Nite At The Ball Park III

Just a quick note. If you are attending the KISS Nite at the Ballpark III in South Bend, IN this weekend you are in for a big treat. I just confirmed today that Bill Starkey (Founder of the KISS Army) will be throwing out the game ball! Also the tribute band Detroit Rock City will be performing before and after the game. Should be a great time. I will be there along with Bill, so if you see us say hi. In case you are interested in attending here are the details:
KISS Nite at the Ballpark III, South Bend, IN, Saturday June 12, 1999, Stanley Covelski Stadium, Game to start at 7pm doors open at 5pm.

Contributed By: Steve Stierwalt

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